Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting Out of Your Own Way

I'm just back from speaking at the International Congress of Coaching Psychology in Sydney Australia, To say it was an extraordinary experience is an understatement. In the sharing and teaching I learned many things, which is, for me, the beauty of teaching; not only to share what I know and do but to see how it's absorbed, viewed and how people might integrate what they learned into their current practices.

This was probably the most advanced group I've ever worked with. What occurred to me, and I believe is relevant for leaders, teachers, professionals in the human systems realm and all others who help people grow for a living was how so many extraordinary people hold themselves back from being remarkable.

So I asked just that question. "In what way are you standing in your own way of being remarkable?" Some had a difficult time embracing the label remarkable in any way. When we dove into that question, the subsequent ones that came to mind (and were asked) were "If you're stopping yourself from shining, why in the world would any of your clients believe that you can see it in them? How are you modeling what you strive to do with others?"

It's not about ego or conceit. It's about allowing yourself to do everything in your power to make a difference.

Many practitioners need a script or a framework within which to work with their clients, staff, students, whoever your target audience is. I maintain that in order to do our best work, we need to get out of our framework and enter theirs to understand where they are to see their capacity and potential. It's working from within their story, not yours.

Are you getting in your own way of being remarkable? What would the global impact be if all the extraordinary people we know (or heard about) held themselves back?

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