Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Always Room For...

OK, I love Seth Godin's way of thinking. Today's blog is priceless. "There's always room for jello" How many times have we heard that?

Seth writes "Think about your schedule... is there room for an emergency, an SEC investigation, a server crash? If you took a day off because of the flu, is your business going to go bankrupt? Probably not." Click here to read on..

Wishing Canadians and Canada a Happy Canada Day for tomorrow. And you know what? Your working world will still be there on the 2nd so enjoy the day and whichever way you decide to celebrate

Donna Karlin

Sunday, June 28, 2009

For The Record....About Coaching...

There are many misconceptions about what Coaches do, not Coaches in the sports world but in the executive, organizational, government / political, and business worlds. So I'd like to set the record straight, at least as it applies to my world...

My clients are not damaged people who need to be fixed, they are very healthy people who want to fly and partner with someone who can help them do just that.

My clients are amazing people who want to learn what they don't know and see what they don't see. They're not ones who think they're experts and the best at what they do. Even if they are deemed best, they realize they will be really smart when they recognize they don't know everything there is to know.

Shadow Coaches are not Coaches who only follow people around. They are dynamic Master Coaches who observe, look at behavioural drivers, Coach laser for clarity and focus, know when to speak and when not to speak (we are not mimes), and help our clients look at their darker side or shadows and accept that they're there, seeing the world through a multi-faceted lens. We help our clients bridge the gaps between where they are and where they want to be.

Those I accept into the Shadow Coaching training are already master level Coaches, dynamic, powerful and insightful. Shadow Coaches are NOT beginners in our field.

So taking this all into account, for those political leaders who work with a Coach, I say BRAVO! They are open to changing, being more powerful, seeing their impact and learning how to truly connect with those they lead so if anyone from the media is reading this, applaud those political and government leaders who are working with a Coach, 'cause remember, these people don't have to be fixed....they want to evolve into their levels of excellence.

My three cents....
Donna Karlin

Click here for How to choose a coach that's right for you

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Yin and Yang of Language

These past weeks I heard colleagues and friends say the most amazing things that inspired thoughts in so many directions in me and many who I shared with...

One went something like "The language I use creates my reality". There are so many ways to expand on that. We mirror and make decisions and respond based on what we receive. For those in a relationship with a bully when attacked, hide within themselves. For some, silence begets silence until a chasm is so deep it's almost impossible to cross as we lose sight and respect for what that relationship meant. Attitude and language are contagious. Humour sparks humor. Romantic overtures invite them back.

Many lose sight of how powerful language is. It creates images so strong in someone's mind they become indelible. Pay attention to the words you use. How does the saying go? Your words should be soft and sweet 'cause you'll never know when you'll have to eat them". You can't take them back.

Another dear friend use the term "The juicy part of life..." and there are so many ways to complete that sentence. The juicy parts of life happen when we least expect them...when we pay attention to what's in front of us...when we create something on purpose or just because of our ways of being.

A great deal of that has to be on purpose. If we don't pay attention what's juicy, life just continues, however we are separated from the joys of life and settle into routine until that's all there is....same old same old.

This week I asked a client to pay attention to what he learns every day even in a fast paced, chaotic environment. We need to feel we're growing, making a difference, and bring some meaning to someone's life in some way or mean something in someone's life to truly feel alive.

We get what we give.

Someone once mentioned to me they never got hugged. My response was "If you give one you'll get one back. " Life's like that. If we just take, the well runs dry all too soon. That applies to people, relationships, money, time...all of it. When we give, we replenish and the return can be immeasurable. That takes a risk but hey, if you don't jump in, you won't realize the magic that can be waiting for you with open arms.

On the 22nd of June, many of us are sharing our experience and expertise with all who want to listen and learn with no financial reward whatsoever. We'll help you grow your businesses, learn what you don't know, see what you haven't paid attention to and in return, because of your engagement and participation, many amazing non-profit coaching organizations will be able to do what they do best, make a difference in the world. That kind of reward one can't put a dollar figure to.

You don't have to get out there and speak to the world to make that difference. All you have to do is reach out and touch someone's heart and make them see they mean something special to you. The response and ripple effect just might blow you away.

Best, always
Donna Karlin