Sunday, February 27, 2011

Commit vs. Placate

def: Commitment is between two or more persons where the first person undertakes in the future to render some service, gift or assurance.

It's not placating, or proverbially patting someone on the head to get them off your back or make them feel better. It's committedness, being sincere, an obligation and a promise.

I often hear people make commitments they can't keep, they have no intention of keeping or make them without any forethought or basis for making them. My question when I see this unfold is "What are the ramifications upon ramifications upon ramifications if you don't honour your commitments?"

It's not about making excuses why what you committed to didn't happen. It's about making sure you can honestly make that commitment in the first place and, if not, being open and direct enough to say so. Broken commitments (or your word) will be remembered forever as will honesty, transparency and the williness to come up with a true commitment you can honor.

It speaks to trust. You are your word after all.