Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Power of One

I love Seth Godin's blog this morning The Power of One a Day. I can't tell you how many people ask me how they can market themselves, their work or an idea and look at their marketing plan as this huge entity that, even in concept, is overwhelming. Because it's so big, they park it and just get on with their every day lives and what they've always done. They don't do what they have to do, even what step at a time, to be remarkable.

I maintain that life can be complex but doesn't have to be overly complicated. Seth's post is a perfect example of that.

Before you go diving in and doing everything on Seth's list, I'll ask you to answer a few questions for yourself. First of all, what are you really great at? It's much easier to market yourself and your work if you're brilliant at it and others can see that you are. 

Start there. 

Secondly who don't you know who you need to know? Start meeting and having those percolating conversations with people who will 'grow' you and your way of thinking and vise versa. Lastly, what don't you know that you need to know? Make everything you do a learning and growth experience for you and those you interact with.

Now go build your mountain. Get ready. It's going to be HUGE!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Work / Life Balance is a Myth

Work / life balance, in reality, is a myth. To believe we can balance our work and life to the "nth" degree so that everything fits perfectly in its place assumes that life is controllable and static, at least long enough to control it. Nor does it take into consideration all the external factors at play which we have no control of.

Years ago one of the lead performers for the Cirque du Soleil was asked how he can keep his balance. His answer, which definitely applies to this was, "I don't keep my balance and stay still. I'm constantly readjusting".

To have any sort of a balanced life we have to learn to dance in real time with whatever comes our way. That's what keeps us resilient, readjusting and being able to stay psychologically balanced no matter what.