Thursday, September 27, 2007

What Would I Do With Extra Time?

I'm sitting here working on my Time Mastery Program thinking of a challenge I was asked to take part in a couple of weeks ago with regards to "What would I do with an extra 36 hours..."

A question that comes to mind is, before you decide what you would do with that gift of time, and assuming for a moment you would use that time for play and not work, could you disconnect? What I mean by that is, could you disconnect from the office, from your cell phone, BlackBerry, any other means of electronic communication device so you could truly free up that time for play?

If you can't disconnect, you're not truly present and missing out on the amazing gift being given to you. And if you can't disconnect, what is it you really have to look at to enjoy the time you already have?

One other thing comes to mind. Even in answering the question "What would you do with an extra 36 hours?", for me the answer would continually change as my life changes, circumstances change and, most importantly would depend on the people in my life.

Remember to rethink, redefine and re-evaluate. Time is a fleeting moment after moment gift, never to be recaptured...same as the special moments with those special people in our lives. What is lost cannot be recaptured. Time never stands still. Respect it and how you treat it and others and the rest will unfold as it should.

Donna Karlin

Friday, September 21, 2007

Change; Move With It Or Let It Paralyze You

Change. That word alone tends to paralyze many people. They start assuming and pre-acting about what they think will happen before it even starts and go off on a tangent until they're paralyzed by the mere thought. I'm not going to say "Now how smart is that exactly?" Preconceptions of what might happen if something else happens first without any basis whatsoever, is a smart use of energy, right? Not!

Last May when I was in California in with George Leonard, part of the discussion was about how one could use the game of tennis as an analogy for change. The way he described it, everything is in constant motion. Nothing stays stagnant. The ball moves, the racquet moves and you move. None of the three moves in the same way twice, so there are always variables. If you panic and freeze you'll miss the ball and if you're totally honed, aware and focused on the ball, chances are you'll hit it. And once you get the hang of it and hit it more than once until the dance of tennis itself is a constant; a foundation is built on movement.

If you don't move with the flow of the game and stand still, the ball will end up hitting you over the head; more than once. Unless you learn to move and respond to it, you're going to get beaten up big time!

What if you used that analogy on a regular basis when doing a reorg, learning something new, starting a project...anything really? It would give an odd sense of stability in an ever-changing, ever-moving world. Energy would increase, focus would be absolute and not only would you watch, learn and become more masterful in what you do, you would be mindful of everything around you because, as in tennis, not only are you, the racquet and the ball moving, but the person on the other side of the court is moving too. You have to know where and how the other person is apt to move so you can play accordingly. It's a give and take.

That's where the analogy ends because the key is to lob the ball back and forth, getting better with each swing of the racquet and contact of the ball, not make the other person miss and lose. So if you both practiced, even just the volleying of the ball back and forth, the practice itself will bring you to a new level of mastery, give, take and flow. It might not be something that happens overnight or in a dramatic way but when you look back at when you started, you'll see just how far you've come; far enough to celebrate your success and proficiency.

How could you use that analogy to manage and thrive through change that's happening in the context of your world right now? Might you already be connecting with that ball without realizing it? Think of all the times you were given something to do and jumped in with both feet without resisting. Somehow it ended up just clicking. That's it. The first step to mastery comes from practice. Change is constant. It's the paradox of life. And when you think you've integrated change and have it down pat, even then keep practicing as you'll get even better than you ever imagined.

Donna Karlin

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Campaign Time!

It's campaign time. There's no doubt about that. TV ads are flying fast and furious. I'm looking forward to seeing the polls and how some of these ads are affecting the ratings. One of the candidates is telling the public about the improvements that have been made and asking for continued support and the other is ad bashing. It's fascinating to watch!

Looking back at well known and famous politicians, which speeches do you remember...the bashing negative "let's go after the other guy and verbally beat him to a pulp" or the "let's work together to build something special?" I'd love to hear your opinions about that.

However this blog isn't about that as much as watching how some of the party members are communicating with their communities. This afternoon I received the 10th or so automated telephone call from my provincial representative. There used to be a real person at the other end of the phone asking for your support but now, it's automated so if you don't support them you can't very well say so. You're supposed to sit there like a good person and just be talked to, not with.

What it does is intrude on the privacy of our homes and leave too many messages we don't want in the first place. What does that tell me about this representative?

As I don't know her personally, many questions come to mind. Does she not know how to engage in a conversation? Perhaps she needs someone to write a script for her to read so she's not knocked off balance by an actual question. What in the world could be the advantage of calling constituents via automated telephone call (which is in truth telephone Spam) and not have any personal connection whatsoever?

Would you want to elect someone who doesn't bother to get to know you or what your thoughts are for your area, city, province or country?

I wouldn't. Why in the world would I elect someone or one they were endorsing because of a recording? Would any of you?

Think long and hard about who you'd want in government representing your interests.

As a political leadership coach I am appalled by this. It's communication at its worst. This is not leadership; this is hiding behind a machine. I'm all for automating everything that's automatable but personal dialogue and connection is not automatable.

Has this ever happened to you in your neck of the woods and if so, did you end up voting for that person? I understand some people vote for the party no matter what, but there are some deciding factors such as a politician being able to communicate or how articulate that person might be when bombarded with questions by opponents. I'd love your opinions on this.

Donna Karlin

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Gift of Time

Lorrain Cohen of Powerfull Living fame tagged me to answer the question "What would I do with an extra 36 hours?" Click here to read her post.

I started laughing when I got her email as I recently did a poll, posted a blog and asked clients "What would you do if you had an extra 15 minutes on top of the 24 hours in a day? (click here to read that post) and got screamed at from all parts of the globe.

"WHAT? 15 MINUTES? What's 15 minutes? What can anyone do in just 15 minutes?"

It's amazing how people take time and toss it out the window discounting how precious it really is. And by the way, we came up with quite the list and one of the reasons why I started working on my Time Mastery Program.

So 36 hours. WOW! That is a gift!

I am absolutely firm on setting personal boundaries. I choose the clients I want to work with and make sure we both grow from our coaching relationships. I literally book in work play time which is creative time for me, creating concepts, programs, articles, material and the most fun logos for each...and play play time for me where I book off a few days of the month over and above weekends to see friends, explore my beautiful city (Ottawa, even being the capital is one of the best kept secrets of Canada, didn't you know?) or to just read under the trees, walk through the woods or light a fire and listen to a new piece of music.

As my first degree was in music performance and I used to play in an orchestra in my first life, I make sure I have extra time for music. Also in a past life just for the fun of it I apprenticed as a chef, discovering new flavours, cuisines, so cooking with my son (who has turned into an amazing cook!) and friends, for friends, is way up there.

I am at a place in my life where I make sure I have plenty of time (it's all relative) for the special people in my life, my work, crises that pop up and as I work globally those are a given so I would say for the 36 extra hours I would just add some of it to each of the ways I play in my life. I work many hours, long, hard and intense hours as a Shadow Coach™ so all of that 36 hours would be for play, creativity, learning, taking one course a year over and above the learning I do now, teaching more and mentoring more up and coming coaches. I might not have oodles of time at hand to spend on whatever comes up but I can tell you that each person in my life knows that every moment I spend with them is one by choice, even if it's a short phone call. I no longer do anything out of obligation so jump into life with both feet because I want to 'be there' or 'do that' if you know what I mean. I'm not fitting life in... I'm choosing it.

I think we first need to change our mind set, then set personal boundaries, then choose what we want our lives to look like, whether for 24 hours or 36. It's all a gift, don't you think?

Hey Lorraine...thanks for tagging me. I'm honoured!

Best for all the time in your life!
Donna Karlin

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Leadership Challenge

I was recently asked to participate in a challenge called “Why Most Leadership Sucks, Including Yours…by John W. McKenna. I wasn’t thrilled with his languaging and told him as much to which he replied “I could do better”.

That in itself is a key statement. We can all do better. We can do better as leaders in our fields of practice, in life, with family, friends, and to set an example to those who don’t know us and have never met us but who will be touched by the ripple effect of what we do regardless of whether or not there's a personal connection.

About a year ago, one of the groups I’m involved in held an international symposium looking at stewardship of coaching world leaders. It was a fascinating dialogue about our roles in coaching people whose leadership has global implications and ramifications. Do we coach those who do not live in alignment with our own personal values and ethics? That’s a whole other conversation about authenticity, judgment, and the ethics of Coaching. I believe we cannot lead effectively unless we lead from our core values and ethics. If we’re working in an organization that doesn’t reflect those values, then we have to look good and hard if we want to align with that organization. There are many factors that determine the impact of our leadership.

We have a unique capacity to shape our lives. As leaders, we have a unique capacity to shape other’s lives.

If we allow others to determine our fates and our futures without contributing to the creation of what that will look like (and choice comes to play in this) then we deserve to live with the consequences. Leaders are not leaders without followers. We all have the choice to follow bad leaders, or not. For some it’s easier to let others shape our destiny for in doing that, when we fail, we can place blame.

The reverse is true as well, however. In allowing others to have that power over us we also have to give up our right to celebrate our successes, as we wouldn’t be responsible for them. I know I would rather fail than never try and I would rather celebrate my successes, knowing I was the one who achieved them, than give that joy over to someone else. It's taking risks every day to reach beyond the imaginable.

Under the surface, where the key dynamics of a personality lies is the person that builds pieces of our world as we know it, one who dreams and translates that dream into a vision we can all wrap our heads around. Those leaders are risk takers because to not go after their dreams isn’t even a remote possibility. Their energy, passion is a never-ending spring that never dries up, as with each person who comes on board and wants to ‘live it too’ that passion continues to feed the human spirit.

So I share this with you….I accept complete responsibility for everything I think, say, feel, and do. I am not afraid of making mistakes or of taking reasonable risks. I am a life-long student. I am always ready to learn, and I know growth takes sustained effort. And through that, I own and celebrate my successes and failures as they are both instrumental in that growth. Anything else for me and the global leaders I work with would be existing through life, not 'living' it. Each risk allows us to invent our futures. We all lead the way in our own lives with each choice we make…good and bad.

My three cents...
Donna Karlin

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Now That We've Got Your Attention...

"We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit." - E. E. Cummings

Well, now that Priscilla’s Personal Development List got your attention I thought we might do something with the community that was formed through this wonderful world of blogging. In some capacity, we all grow people for a living, whether personally, professionally, in our local geographical area or globally. Regardless, the ripple effect goes well beyond anything we could ever imagine. I hear all too often how people are too busy to call friends, family, those important to them, or to remember special occasions or no occasions at all....just to remember.

In India on meeting even a total stranger one would greet the other with Namaste which pays homage to the inner light in all living things. It bypasses appearance, age, wealth or poverty. In these times of hurriedness, we fail to acknowledge not only others but ourselves as well. Ignoring others is in a way forgetting life. In ignoring those around us, those known, and unknown we fail to light that spark.

It's not's acknowledgement of what's special in someone else. And when we take that moment in time to validate and bless another with our attention and good wishes we touch what's good in them and offer them a haven, even for a second, from a challenging world. This is what strengthens life and nourishes it. It's a way to ignite a tiny spark, blow on it and let it burst into flame enriching the human spirit.

Yesterday someone I have not met took a moment to share a thought, wishes and hopes for me. In doing so a spark was lit and has continued to grow. A gift beyond measure.

So to all of you….every single one of you on the list, who can you recognize today for their talents, strengths, impact and effect they have on your life and those around them? What would it mean if at least for today, but hopefully every day that follows we took a moment in time to recognize someone else for who they are and what they bring to the world? Could you imagine the ripple effect of that? I invite you to join us in sharing and lighting the flame within all those around you. Then please share with us what it meant to them and to you in doing so. And while you’re doing this? Encourage each person you touch to do the same with others in their lives and let’s see how far and wide that fire spreads.

Donna Karlin

*Note: Check out today's post in my Fast Company Experts Blog on the Leadership Challenge: Acknowledging Leaders

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tag...You're It!

Recently I was tagged by Priscilla Palmer for her Personal Development List. Well, for those of you who know me, you DO know I couldn't leave it at that, so I tagged some of my colleagues to get on the bandwagon as they are amazing in their areas of expertise and others should know about that.

What if we did this for other areas? This is open source for people who make a difference. Who do you know that you can recommend to be a part of this ever-growing list of bloggers?

There are over 71 million blogs up and running (that we know of). Boggles my mind. Here's Priscilla's list, contributed to by bloggers from all over the world.

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Best to you all!
Donna Karlin