Monday, June 01, 2015

Waiting for Others to Help Us Get it Right

I'm recently back from TEDWomen 2015, its theme Momentum. As always after one of these conference, my head is about to explode. Not only do I get a myriad of ideas for how to do my work differently or view situations and solutions differently but I connect people and ideas. That is one of my jobs when I'm at TED. I'm blessed to work with TED Fellows and one of the ways I can support them is to connect them with others who can help them more powerfully impact the planet.

Mia Birdsong, of the Family Independence Initiative made a statement that really resonated; "We can't wait for others to help us get it right." Something else she said which resonated was, "My humanity is inextricably caught up in yours". 

We don't live life in silos. We don't work in silos. As much as one might want to feel they have a great deal of power in an organization and might hoard information...want to be in control, ultimately one person is intricately connected with another and so on and so on. If we don't listen to others, reflect on their wisdom, not believing we know more, that we are better or are more important, we will succeed. Everything we do, say, believe and share impacts someone else in some way shape or form.

Those who believe in the power of social connectedness do better than those who don't. Organizations that promote this way of being ultimately succeed.

Social capital gives companies momentum. How high is your organization's SC?

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