Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Perspectives of Sharing

The title of my blog is Perspectives. That's what it is....perspectives of people and experiences which give new (or better) perspectives. One thing I find myself saying through the day, too many times to count is "His or her perception is their reality. And if that's how they feel, then that's the reality they're living. It's not about you, it's about their feelings, thoughts, emotions. And, if you want to find a way to have a relationship with this person, whether in your work or person life, then it's not a matter of putting yourself in their shoes, it's a matter of asking them what it is that lives in those shoes".

Every action (or inaction) brings reaction. That is human nature. What one's intention might be (or so they say) doesn't necessarily translate to the results of it, usually because of mis or lack of communication.

Are there any clairvoyants reading this? Because that's what many people expect, that others should read their minds and that just isn't the way life works.

Another line which many years ago pressed every button that exists in me (yes I got over it, and finally agree with it (thanks Jim)) is "Intentions equal results". If you intend for something to happen, then it will and nothing will stand in your way. Oh there might be a few detours, but the ultimate result will be what you intended all along. And if it's something you're passionate about and want with all your heart, then for sure it will happen. Another quirk of human nature (I haven't quite figured this one out yet) is how most people talk themselves out of why they want something, or feel they don't deserve something or someone so special they sabotage the possibility of achieving their dreams. Instead of taking all the intelligence human beings have been given to make something happen, it's turned around into nixing it.

And if any of you have an answer to that one, I'd love to hear it. An answer that makes any sense that is. Because I haven't been able to come up with one yet.

So to get back to perspectives on sharing....the first step might be to share. And I'm not being sarcastic. Communicating is the first step, collaborating the second and using that great mind you were given, combined with the passion in your heart will add that extra little bit of magic? to make it a reality.

Perspectives getting better all the time....
Donna Karlin

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