Saturday, February 21, 2004

Living Out of Your Imagination

It's no longer enough to just go with the flow in life. In my experience that translates to a great deal of discontent where people tend to make rash decisions, leave long time jobs for the unknown and are rarely happier in the change. I'm not talking about the ones with a vision for their future and what they want to accomplish in the years they have left in the workforce, making changes to accommodate that vision. I'm speaking of those who have no enthusiasm, feel neglected, moving along with next to no guidance or leadership. They are the ones who change jobs for the sake of change rather than focusing on what they can change within their realm of control to add passion and purpose to their days. The grass is always greener, or so they think.

It's all in your head. It's there if you take the time to look for it. Everyone has a unique talent or expertise. One gets bored when they don't have a chance to let those talents "come out and play". What do you want to do when you grow up? What do you want to accomplish, learn, create, try for the sake of trying? Years from now, when you're ready to retire, what will friends and colleagues say about your contributions? When you use your imagination to create what is not yet there, you will have the passion to get out and do what has to be done. It will light a fire in you that will guide your decision-making, give you that unmistakable energy that is contagious and everyone will want to jump on the bandwagon. When you live from your dreams and imagination you have the determination to move forward and bypass any obstacles that might be standing in your way. Nothing will stop you. No one will want to.

Most of us lead more meaningful lives than we realize. Often finding meaning isn't about doing things differently, rather it's about seeing everyday familiar things in a new way.

Donna Karlin

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