Saturday, March 19, 2005

Why I Blog

I’m frequently asked “Why do you take the time to blog?” “How often do you post a blog? What’s in it for you?” “You’re so busy, why do you bother?”

There are many different answers to this. Some are smart business practices for visibility, being picked up more often on Google in searches and to become known in my areas of expertise but that isn’t my primary reason for blogging. Recently I was interviewed by an online magazine on this exact topic; why do I blog, what are the benefits to my business etc etc. I know I didn’t stay on topic re: sales etc. however the author thought enough of my comments to add them in as well.

Recently I received an email from someone who had forwarded my blog to her company manager. That manager in turn forwarded the same post to the director who subsequently forwarded it to the division Vice President. Did I post the blog with hopes of becoming known by this VP? No. I posted it so there would be a possibility of coaching people indirectly….even those I’ve never worked with personally. The ripple effect goes way beyond what the author will ever know and sometimes I’m lucky enough to hear back from a reader who will share insights, ideas and personal experiences which will in turn help future clients as I will have heard and taken into consideration another perspective.

My blog lets people in….gives them a glimpse of who the blogger is, not only the work I do. I incorporate personal experience and history into my blogs so clients and readers can see who I am multi-dimensionally. It gives insight into the way I think, feel, live and work to the extent where I can be personal but still professional, hopefully never crossing the boundary to the inappropriate.

If I didn’t blog, I wouldn’t be fortunate to communicate and share part of my life with others who in turn share theirs with me as well. And now, in the very short time I’ve been blogging, those readers….the regular readers, come from 38 countries living different cultures, religious, ways of being. I am touched by them in some way every day and my life is enriched because of it.

Why do I blog? So I can connect with you in some way as you read this and thank you for sharing a brief moment in time with me. Through you I grow and learn and create a connection that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. You keep me on my toes, help me stretch, both in writing skills and creating concepts and programs that will, I hope, in turn help you grow as well.

For that and all you bring, many many thanks.

Donna Karlin

*Note: Welcome new subscribers from United Arab Emirates and Egypt increasing the country count to 38!

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