Friday, April 08, 2005


Melted snow…..the scent of damp earth on the wind….geese returning for the season and longer sunlit days are here. It’s spring. Time to get out and breathe in fresh air, walk off the long winter months and re-energise.

I love this time of year. It’s a rebirth of sorts. The scent of the promise of flowers to come on the air…the damp earth ready to have seeds take root and grow the flowers of the season and for us northerners, time to come out of hibernation.

No matter how busy you are, make sure you plug in an hour or so in the day to soak it all in. The spring and summer days disappear all too quickly. There is nothing like fresh air to give us back energy…to help us through hectic days at work and allow us respite in the middle of chaos.

If you need to have a meeting then invite your colleague or staffer to come out and walk with you. Enjoy both their company and the break from the stale air of the office, but do whatever you can to get out. One day seems to flow into the next. The only difference between meeting in a stuffy office and the outdoors is the venue and I can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy focused conversation along with newfound energy for the afternoon.

Instead of making excuses why you can’t go…create reasons why you can. And when you walk outdoors…close your eyes for a moment, raise your face to the sunlight and breathe in the rebirth of the season. Let it bring a smile to your heart and a spring to your step, as soon the outdoors will come awake and give birth to miraculous beauty. It’s a new beginning.

What will it bring you I wonder…..

Ask yourself this.....How will you choose to spend your days so those choices nourish you in every possible way?

Donna Karlin

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