Sunday, May 15, 2005

Political Chaos

All week long I’ve grappled with how to write this blog. I’ve been watching and living in the midst of chaotic political mess in a country not used to such things. I don’t have to have a particular party favourite to look at a group of representatives of the people and wonder what got them into power in the first place when none of them show any leadership whatsoever. It’s more like watching children fight with each other in a school yard and play manipulative games to see who will come out on top. Why they want to come out on top still remains to be seen as what is happening on the Hill doesn’t seem to have anything whatever to do with the will of the Canadian people.

If our party leaders cannot get along, how could we expect it globally? The world is in turmoil. Toss in natural disasters, unrest, poverty, disease and in a country that is usually one of the most peaceful, the leaders are at war with each other.

I know…in a perfect world they would sit down in a locked room and come up with some plan of action that would work for us all. As a Shadow Coach I would love to be there to “do my thing”, however they would need to be open to the possibility that what each of them is doing is unacceptable to the people at large. Do they see that? I would hope.

Chaotic is the perfect definition of what is happening right now. Def. a state of extreme confusion and disorder. It’s also the place where creativity begins… “In simple terms chaos is order without predictability. That is, there are systems, physical and social, that are well understood and yet are fundamentally unpredictable. Thus, chaos is not anarchy or randomness. Chaos is order, but it is order that is "invisible." - T.J. Cartwright

Chaos is creativity in process; the place between the breakdown of the old, and the formation of the new. No matter how we look at what is unfolding, this will be the creation of the new in some form. Watching it happen is history in the making. As a citizen, it’s not an easy thing to watch. As a Shadow or ontological Coach, it’s absolutely fascinating to watch.

There is chaos and then there’s the principle of chaos within leadership. Leaders welcome this kind of chaos because they anticipate the creative process that isn’t far behind. Leaders hone skills within that chaotic environment so they can master the resulting creativity, watch the effects of various outcomes and use them to know which areas to focus on and which to let go of.

They key word here, however is leader.

To use an old cliché, time will tell all.

Donna Karlin

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