Wednesday, September 28, 2005

People Often Become Their Work

I love watching people as they make their way through the chaos of their days. People are such complex creatures. If they weren’t I would be out of a job and even if I weren’t, coaching wouldn’t be anywhere near as fascinating as it is. I watch clients under-utilize talents, downplay strengths and try to fit in to the status quo of an organization for many reasons; some conscious, some not. I created a program around these observations for people to see others….and themselves, and how they live and experience life.

There are no quick fixes or answers for the way people live; rather it’s all about awareness. People are….do….live…..respond, react, are fun-loving, serious, want to belong or be alone. People are complicated.

People are often stuck in jobs too small for them to soar. Why are they stuck? Usually because discontent of the known is far easier to cope with than fear of the ‘what might be’ if they make the move.

People often become their work and lose who they are in the process. People are so busy keeping up, they don’t look at why they’re so busy in the first place. They become the job, losing their identity along the way.

People long for a sense of belonging, thereby doing jobs that go against the grain of who they are just to ‘fit in’. When people show their talents, colleagues can become competitive, angry, envious and territorial. That is one reason why people hide their talents, so they’ll belong and not stand out above the crowd. People want others to think highly of them, yet they’ll do little to self-acknowledge their successes.

Reflect light. Don’t hide from it. "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects the wind; the realist adjusts the sails." – Anonymous

Set yourself free from limitations and then watch yourself soar.

Donna Karlin

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