Friday, October 14, 2005

Tools of the Trade

Well after being inundated over the years for resource links for coaches and businesspreneurs, I decided to put them all together in a page of their own to help new and old businesses owners, coaches and trainers on their way to growing their business.

Each of the links I have on there has been tried and true and, when used properly, can grow your business exponentially.

If you have any other links you feel should be included, let us know. We'll review them and, if we like 'em, they'll go up on the site as well.

Here are ten or so to get you started. And remember...if you don't have time to get all this wonderful technology going, hire a Virtual Assistant to get you on your way.

Just click on the graphic and it'll take you right there.

And if for some reason it doesn't
go to


Donna Karlin

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