Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Jumping Back In

Our senses come alive through the summer. It’s a time when we savour the flavours and scents of the seasons….the blooming of flowers, cut grass and long summer nights. As fall comes we think of packing up cottages and leaves turning colour, soon giving way to falling snow.

Colours fade and are replaced with white and grey of winter and as the land goes to sleep and rests for a while, we become the most productive. Long, leisurely summer strolls turn to brisk walks in the cold, invigorating and energizing us.

Summer holidays are over and now the world gears up for a season of productivity. Kids go back to school and we return to our offices, ready to tackle whatever comes our way.

Or are we ready?

Many tell me the first day back is brutal when it comes to focusing and getting their minds off their vacations. They have to wade through voice mail and email and as the day wears on, fatigue sets in. Along with it come the feelings that holidays were a lifetime ago. All it takes is s small shift or two, a change in scheduling and that post vacation syndrome can be a thing of the past.

Don’t come back from holidays on a Monday. Come back on a Thursday. That way you have a day to play catch-up, check emails, phone messages and speak to colleagues to find out what happened in your absence. That way you’re in the loop. Friday, develop a plan of action and it’s already the weekend! You’ll still have all that energy you recouped when you were off work and with all the catch up under your belt, Monday won’t seem so daunting. And if you can really schedule carefully, the perfect scenario, for example is to come back the Thursday before Labour Day so you come back at a quiet time and end up with a three day weekend ahead of you. It’s like another mini vacation, except this time you’re all caught up and can hit the floor running.

Three day weekend or not, coming back on a Thursday will help you keep that spring to your step as you know the weekend is just around the corner.

Welcome back. Enjoy diving back into the deep end. It’s been waiting for you.

Donna Karlin

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