Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Real and True

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are" - Anais Nin

That's where a Shadow Coach™ comes into play. We don't work with you based on your interpretation; we work with you based on what's real and true. If you can't find the truth right now, right where you are, then where in the world are you going to find it?

People see things through filters, through their past history, cultural background, 'programming' and experience. They rarely see things are they are and once they are interpreted, they fit these experiences into the context of their past history, not experience them for what they are as the moments unfold.

Many of my clients, extraordinary individuals who are in positions of leadership, learn at an amazingly fast rate, however how they integrate what they learned into their ways of being is usually my challenge. They can learn but do they use what they learned to move forward? It's the context and content of their lives that make the difference between what they learn and what they'll use, oftentimes a matter of comfort zone, many a time fear to try something radically new.

Have you taken a moment to think of what your filters might be? For example, judging individuals based on anecdotal history shared by a third party, cultural or linguistic differences, your level of energy or just how much effort you'd put into any initiative. What might you be assuming? That's the biggest filter of all. There are filters such as your belief system, expectations of others (another huge filter), fears, leadership style or how open-minded you are. I could go on forever as there are hundreds of filters at play. different filters on any given day, and we all filter information. You won't get rid of them. You can, however become aware of them, not only for yourself but to better understand those around you so you can communicate with them accordingly.

I'd love to hear what filters come to mind for you as sharing them with others will help them take notice.

Donna Karlin

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