Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Realizing Potential

Leaders are alchemists of vision and potential --- i.e. potentialists. They’re also chess players and understand that all the pieces, or their people, move differently. Each individual leaves an impact all their own. True leaders discover what is unique about each individual, capitalize on it, and assign roles and tasks based on that uniqueness. The trick is not compromising these unique talents and strengths while at the same time creating and defining a vision and commonality that brings all the uniqueness together in order to move the organization and its people forward.

Budding leaders will take jobs based on people and leave their jobs because of people. They will be inspired by leadership or turned off by the lack of it. Ask yourself this “What if you could transform your organization by the very next act you undertake?” How would your leadership be transformed if you asked yourself that question on a regular basis? A benchmark of sorts.

Coaches are potentialists. We bring out the best in our clients based on their talents and strengths and, as a Shadow Coach™ what’s even more powerful is when I am able to make my clients aware of talents they hadn’t recognized before. We all have shadow personalities. Often we suppress them believing we need to demonstrate a specific fa├žade or way of being based on our roles and responsibilities. How much richer would our leadership be if we brought all facets of ourselves to the table, thereby speaking to the personalities of all those we work with, not just a select few?

Think for a moment.....what hidden talents do you have that you would love to explore more of but just don't have time to, don't think anyone would be interested in them, or think they're nothing unique and even if you could do 'it' it's nothing out of the ordinary so you don't even try?

People become who they might be when they let go of who they are. Don't try to box yourself in. Open the cover and let yourself go to fly wherever your passions want to take you. Once you're in alignment with your passions nothing will stop you. And if you're a leader and see a glimpse of this in someone in your organization, encourage them, inspire them and give them a safe place to let those passions and talents take flight.

Donna Karlin

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