Monday, May 28, 2007

Unleashing Power and Potential

Recently, I read a passage about leadership that defined it as “The capacity to influence others by unleashing their power and potential.” Those leaders who are charismatic, powerful speakers with energy and passion can quite easily lead an organization to success. The question is, what happens to that organization when the charismatic leader leaves? These individuals are very unique in character and it’s almost impossible to bring in someone who would have the same impact and their distinct nature and way of being is what captivates the staff and you can’t nor would you want to clone him/her. It wouldn’t be possible at any rate.

The key is to look for a leader who creates a vision so powerful that it goes beyond the individual leader; it translates through the entire organization, embraced by all and lived by all. It becomes the organizational culture and transcends any one individual.

Now imagine combining both and how powerful that would be. If I challenged leadership by asking the question “Who have you influenced to unleash their power and potential, helping them evolve into their level of excellence?” Is it something you consciously think of every day when interacting with staff or identifying ‘rising stars’? Are you paying attention? It’s not about you so get over yourself and it, whatever it may be. True leaders transcend the pettiness, the need for constant personal attention. They create a sustaining culture of high involvement and thus shared power.

What is the stickiness of leadership mindset in your organization?

Donna Karlin

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