Sunday, July 15, 2007

Perspectives for the Summer

Over the summer months we tend to spend more time playing than inside reading so to reflect that, I'll be posting shorter, to the point posts. This is the time of year when I do more program and model creation as well as seeking out like-minded blogs and articles and wading through the many books I've been asked to review.

How you'll benefit from this is to be the first to find out what it is I'm launching, creating and to be able to benefit from launch discounts, tips and pointers and other blogs to peruse that will give you the insights you're looking for.

Today I'd like to quote a blog I came across which really resonated with me.
Nic Askew writes... When your company must show itself naked...Exposing Company Soul...

"It occurred to me that if a company doesn't know its own essence, its reason for being perhaps even its soul then it will, as a result, spend most of its time and money re-inventing itself to react to the world.

It will always be telling the market what it thinks it needs to hear in order the convince that market to act how it wants. That sounds frustrating and expensive.

And I'm not sure that such a company could ever possess the sense of wonder & curiosity that would act as a lighthouse to customers, employees, ideas, funding etc. That also sounds no fun at all. Why do it, why run such a business?" Click Read On for the rest of the article..

The same concepts goes for individuals, though, doesn't it? If we can't articulate what it is we want in life, work, relationships, any of it, we too will be in reactive mode and let life's circumstances dictate our roles within it. Is that what you want? You can fall into a life based on everything and everyone else, or create it.

Donna Karlin

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