Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smarter, Faster, Better

Buy this book! This is one of those no brainers where it won't serve you to borrow it from friend, colleague or library because you're going to refer to it time and time again.

For many books I do a summary of why I think it's a valuable addition to your library and that goes without saying when it comes to this book.

However to take it a step further, this book brings insight and understanding at so many levels I can't begin to describe them all.

"As leaders, the way we change the world and our organizations is through taking responsibility for something larger than ourselves. This requires us to ask ourselves a new set of questions..." - Karlin Sloan

I have yet to devote an entire blog post for a book recommendation but this stands on its own. I recommend it for clients, colleagues and students alike. It will bring perspective and create some paradigm shifts no matter what career you're in or at what level within it.

The rest, well, I encourage you to discover for yourself.

Donna Karlin

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