Wednesday, September 01, 2010


If you want to succeed, be known as someone who lives by their word and honors commitments. I've been hearing way too many people lament on broken promises, commitments that aren't kept, appointments that are forgotten or tossed aside for something better and for promises made that are hollow with no intention of honoring them.

In one of my book interview conversations we spoke about how all too often people state something and then don't do it. People take their word so lightly. Why say something that you're not going to do? 

We have loyalty to businesses and professionals who value our time, energy and business. No matter what the deal, if we feel as if we're screwed in the process, we'll hesitate to go back. If it happens a second time we'll end up returning to or searching for the place that believes in authentic customer service. 

It happens in relationships, families, friendships, partnerships, all realms of our life. If we feel we've been set aside for something or someone 'better' that comes along, we won't stick around for long. I see it happening with social climbers. They made a commitment to do something or see someone but if someone more famous or better connected wants to book something, they're quick to cancel. 

Think twice before making that cancellation. That person just might end up being your boss or inlaws someday. Being set aside is something they will never forget.

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