Monday, January 03, 2011

Tips for Making 2011 Great

I am continually reflecting on what worked for me in 2010 and what didn't so I can make the changes necessary in order to simplify my life and make it better. To that end, here are some tips to help create a great 2011.

1. Stop and think before saying "yes". Before diving in I now ask myself "Will I learn from this? Will I be supporting someone else in their learning without taking on the responsibility for whatever 'it' is? Will 'it' make a difference? Or, in other words, is it time well spent or a waste of time? Bottom line is, time is all we've got.

2. Eliminate delay. This continues to be my do I have to live my life so I don't throw away time which is a very precious commodity? I want to be a responder not a reactor and I don't want a list the length of my arm of "shoulds", "have-tos" and "haven't gotten tos yet". Do you?

3. Don't lose relationships because of busy-ness, thinking posting through social media is a replacement for one-on-one relationships or being so over extended there's no space for the people in your life.I don't want to have so much on the go that I sacrifice my relationships with the special people in my life. In other words, my reality check question is "What do you have to let go of?"

4. Sensitize aware of everything around you and how you process it all. Pay attention to the world around you. Pay attention to your intuition. Pay attention to people. Ask them about their stories. Be mindful. You will learn more from paying attention than anything else.

5. Attitude is contagious. You can choose what you want that to be. The same goes for how much you respect yourself. Coming full circle to #1, if you say yes to everything because you don't set your boundaries, you are, in effect, letting others determine your choices in life. I don't know about you but I value my life way too much to let that happen. Donna, what about you?

If there are others you think would benefit us all, please let us know and add to this list.
May 2011 be great!

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