Friday, October 14, 2011

Powerful Women vs. Powerful Men

Powerful women are viewed as arrogant but have a hard time being viewed as Human-Based Leaders (when it applies) as they feel they're labeled as weak.

Powerful men are viewed as focused and effective leaders but have no problem being viewed as Human-Based Leaders (when it applies).

The playbook isn't the same. What do you think?


bendedspoon said...

It depends on how one categorizes someone as 'powerful'. For me powerful doesn't equate to arrogance, loudness, or self-promotion. Being powerful is wholeheartedly doing ones work, fulfilling ones purpose, and knowing that lives are affected positively -- needs are met not wants.

Powerful being cannot be categorized by gender but what they focus and work on.

Just sharing my thoughts :)

Donna Karlin said...

And great thoughts they are. I interviewed many people for my book on Human-Based Leadership™. These are powerful people who lead from humanity not control and obey. The men I contacted were thrilled to dive in. The women HB Leaders were a great deal more hesitant as they were worried about how they might be viewed. That's a conversation in itself and one I'm looking forward to continuing.

Thank you!