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John Spence, Human-Based Leader, bar none (Chapter 1 in Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words) wrote this amazing list called "What Should You Give"? in The Jungle of Life. With his permission, I'm re-posting it and asking you, what would YOU add to this list?

"A Damn: “Life is a dar­ing adven­ture – or noth­ing at all” ~ Helen Keller

Help: to any­one you can offer it to.

LOVE: to your­self first… then to as many oth­ers as pos­si­ble – you have an end­less      sup­ply!

Respect: because EVERYONE is wor­thy of it.

Hugs: as long as HR does not have a rule against it – ugh!

Freely of your best ideas: the future will be unlocked through col­lab­o­ra­tive cre­ativ­ity.

Advice: when it is asked for… and then… care­fully!

Advice: some­times – only some­times – when it is NOT asked for… and then even MORE care­fully!!

Men­tor­ing: help oth­ers to avoid some of the mis­take you have made.

Gen­er­ously: to a char­ity you are truly pas­sion­ate about.

Time: to peo­ple who will not waste it.

Wis­dom: to those who love you and will lis­ten.

Your­self a break: you are not sup­posed to be per­fect – let that go.

Praise and thanks: to every­one – often!!

100% of your per­sonal effort: life is not a dress rehearsal.

A smile: pass along some warmth and joy to oth­ers.

Under­stand­ing: remem­ber that every­one you meet is fight­ing a mighty bat­tle.

Give, give, give and give some more. Embrace an abun­dance men­tal­ity by under­stand­ing deeply that if you just help enough other peo­ple get what they need – you will get every­thing you need.

I promise this works – I GIVE you my word!"

One that I added was Presence. Be present with the person or people you’re with. Pay attention to them, which means stop doing three other things when you’re with someone. Listen, learn from them, hear who they are and what they’re saying (and what they’re not saying out loud).

What would you want to give?

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