Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Making the Day Extraordinary

We need to be less afraid of death and more frightened by an empty life. When we feel the most love, passion or energy is when we are the most alive. That’s when our soul sings.” - author unknown

I recently read this comment somewhere, sometime, I can’t remember when, and it absolutely resonated within me. When we feel we’re contributing with value, we’re energised. When we love unconditionally, removing barriers, that too energises, for in doing that we no longer put parameters and controls on how we feel and it just flows. When happiness, giving love, living from your values and in tune with what’s important to you and who you are, is a choice and not conditional on any thing, person, experience or circumstance, we approach life in general with a zest and a passion that is contagious.

This morning I had a discussion with someone who told me she was in a relationship and marriage with someone for the express purpose of “saving him”. What a huge burden to bear. The only one who can save you is yourself and when you take on that enormous responsibility, it wears you down. And because it’s almost impossible to do, it eventually gives you this sense of failure. You can give love and support, friendship and guidance to anyone you choose to without owning the responsibility of their happiness and well being. But how many of us do that? How many times do you find yourself saying “I don’t want to get involved. It’s too sensitive or touchy a subject” or “That’s too touchy-feely.” Well I have news for you. It’s being human. Humanity, feelings, and emotions are touchy-feely things. Get over it and live it.

Removing barriers enables us to live life with passion. Whether at work or home, it’s up to you to find your fulfillment. It’s not conditional on any other person. It’s your choice. In the book Romancing the Ordinary, Sarah Ban Breathnach talks about living for you, meeting yourself for perhaps the first time. Doing things you want to do regardless of whether or not you have a partner and, as the title says, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. So my question to you would be, what five extraordinary things have you found in an ordinary day? It might not mean changing your life as much as looking at it through new eyes. I’d love to hear what they are if you’ll share them with me. In the meantime I wish you an extraordinary day….and life. Create it…and as my motto says, “Invent your Future”!

Donna Karlin

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