Saturday, March 13, 2004

Talk vs. Communicate

In the book Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch, he has a “conversation” about communicating.

“First, let's exchange the word talk with the word communicate. it's a much better word, a much fuller, more accurate one. When we try to speak to each other - Me to you, you to Me, we are immediately constricted by the unbelievable limitation of words. For this reason, I do not communicate by words alone. In fact, rarely do I do so. My most common form of communication is through feeling.

Feeling is the language of the soul.

If you want to know what's true for you about something, look to how you're feeling about it.

Feelings are sometimes difficult to discover - and often even more difficult to acknowledge. Yet hidden in your deepest feelings is your highest truth.

The trick is to get to those feelings”

How many times is your heart or ‘gut’ telling you something that you work SO hard with your head to overrule? Exactly why do you do that? I’ve always wanted to know. Inevitably it’s our heart and gut that have the answer…the one that will ultimately work better for us. So why would we try to counteract that….put so much energy and focus into going against our beliefs and what we absolutely know to be true for us? We beat ourselves up when we try to fight it, knowing full well it’s what should be.

Some cite responsibilities that stand in the way of truly being happy. Some say that’s just how it is. Life was never meant to be easy. Well why not? I had a conversation about this the other day with a client. It’s choosing happiness over misery….living life over existence. As I quoted in my last blog, one should stop being so afraid of dying and instead, be afraid of an empty life. I see so many people working themselves to death because they’re escaping what they lack in life. It’s bad enough when they love what they do….but much much worse when they’re miserable at work and even that is better than the misery at home, so they choose the least of two evils.

Easy is when you choose to be happy and live life, laugh, and enjoy every day. My concern is for those who finally retire and have nothing whatsoever to look forward to in their retirement. So they work until they drop. And for others that put away for later everything it is they’ve wanted to do in a lifetime and run out of the time and health before they even begin. What are you waiting for? Retirement doesn’t constitute starting life. It’s just the beginning of another chapter in life without the work schedule constraints. Life is now. Get past all the excuses you have to not start living it, throw them away and look for all the possibilities, the ways and means of getting what it is you want. Look for your highest truth. That’s what should guide you. The first conversation should be with yourself. Listen to your heart. It will never let you down.

Donna Karlin

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