Thursday, April 29, 2004

Unwanted Houseguests

Everyone's nightmare....Uninvited houseguests who come, make themselves at home and don't leave until they're literally evicted.

Such was the life in this house for the past week or so. Which, by the way, is why there's been such a long gap since I've written. And no....I'm not a miserable hostess. I'm talking about a raccoon who came, had her family and decided to stay awhile, in my roof may I add, and in the process tried to destroy the house. Fun? NO! And if I never have an experience like this again it'll be too soon. I was relating the week's events to a friend this evening and she was having the time of her life snickering about that (thanks Deb...don't worry, there's always payback : )

What I was reminded of was there are wonderful people in this world, many who helped me out tremendously. And I can't thank them enough. From the amazing technicians from AAA Wildlife Control to the insurance company, adjuster, contractor and handyman, they all came through quickly and with all the support they could possibly have given. And a few days and absolutely no sleep later, it's amazing to see how much damage one little animal can do. So major work ahead and all, there's something about knowing a professional is there to take the weight off your shoulders and help you through the chaos of something this unexpected happening, to make me realise that this world really is a wonderful place with special people in it. We hear about all the terrible ones in the paper and on the news. And most you hear about in conversation are those who cheated someone out of something or treated another badly, but rarely do you hear about those who have been supportive and there for you, above and beyond the call of duty. So many thanks to Gary, Kevin and John and the two great receptionists at AAA, David the adjuster and my friend Deb who reminded me I should laugh about something she calls "Right out of a Stephen King novel" (she's should have seen the raccoon try to rip off the roof and the siding, soffit, eavestroughing and pretty much everything else she could get her paws on. It really could have been one of his books! I'll laugh when I stop shaking thank you very much.)

I know this is just beginning because the work has to start and that alone will be hellish, but knowing I have the right people in the right place, doing what they do best is all I need to keep the sanity. I hope I never have to deal with anything like this again and learn to sleep without listening for outside crashes. But what this did do was reminded me of the basic goodness of people we come across every day. And one day I might not fantasize about Davy Crocket's hat and how I wish....OK...just kidding. I really am an animal lover but would prefer to keep the inside ones to Golden Retrievers.

Much to be thankful for.

Donna Karlin

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