Saturday, May 08, 2004

The Ultimate Client

Once in a while, if you're very lucky, you come across a client like the one I worked with this past week. It's very rare when you work with someone who puts their trust in you and the process to such an extent that you can almost 'see' the wheels in their minds turning as they process the information you share with them throughout the day. And with that, for me, the ultimate was watching as he immediately looked at how he could approach his day using these tools as they were unfolded to him. And even better than that was watching the awareness dawn as changes were implemented and things just clicked.

The week just flowed, sharing of insights, perspectives, creating new paradigms as time flew by. Before we knew it, it was Friday and time to recap the week and what was learned and already applied. I can't wait to see what the month brings as more and more of these new concepts are experimented with and tweaked by him as he tailors them to meet his needs. In a month I go back and already I can't wait to hear the results of these changes having been practiced and incorporated into life as a whole.

The best part of the work I do are the people I do it with. And once in a very long while do I 'luck in' and work with a client like this. A client has to trust his/her coach implicitly to open up to the possibilities that are offered, not knowing what to expect or what the outcomes would be in implementing these changes. A partnership forms, one which won't end with the week. Another favourite part of my work...the connection or bond that is created and remains for a very long time. And I can sit back on the sidelines and applaud as he soars and achieves whatever it is he sets out to achieve. You see, a client who is as open as this really is the ultimate. There is no questioning the whys and wherefores of these concepts I's how. "How can I use this to my benefit?" or "How does this apply to my life?" If it doesn't, fine...then we move on. And if it does, it's the awareness of how he could approach what used to be a difficult situation and turn it around to be in control of his realm of it. Empowerment at its best. And I sat back and watched it happen over and over again through the week. A true leader is one who realises he always has more to learn and knows there is always someone out there who knows more about a subject than he does. He doesn't fight that or try to "top" them. He learns from them and partners with them to become stronger. His circle grows along with his circle of influence, for as he grows he helps those around him pull themselves forward at the same time.

A coach accelerates this process. What was special about this week as well was seeing the translation of newfound awareness into tangible change right before my eyes....and the delight in his when these changes just worked. The kind of experience which validated a hundred fold that I'm doing just what I should be doing and reinforced the whys.

This is who I was fortunate enough to work with and as I shared with him on Friday afternoon, it was too much fun to be called work and I loved every minute of it, learning alongside him all the way.

Donna Karlin

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