Thursday, September 09, 2004


Power - def. Possession of controlling influence

All the definitions of the word are impressive in themselves. A powerful individual is commanding. That same person demonstrating power with people is extraordinary. Not only are you a force to be reckoned with but now have a group who are helping increase momentum.

I was talking to my brother yesterday as we sped through the streets of Ottawa. He is a world renowned surgeon, unobtrusive in his manner, always looking to make things better. We discussed egos and the difference between power with people and power over people. Many in medicine and corporate worlds alike who are of the old school mentality believe that putting the fear of God into the students, or staff will make them tow the line, revere them and never question the status quo.

That scenario doesn’t create anything powerful. It’s using power destructively rather than constructively to build a viable, strong and growing organization. When the heads of any organization use power over others, it breaks down creativity, knowledge and growth and eventually, when these people retire, there is no one in any position of power or strength to take over.

"The path of leadership transformation is a journey from control and domination to one of inspiration and service." - Kevin Cashman

Are you a true leader?

Donna Karlin

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