Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Yukon, A Magical Place

In my wildest dreams I never would have imagined I’d be writing you from the Yukon, but here I am. We drove yesterday……and around every bend the most extraordinary vista would appear before us. We’d stop, walk around, take pictures that could never do this magical place justice. So many times I’d say to my friends “How could we ever capture this on film?" Lakes that stretched for miles and miles on end with snow-capped mountains seeming to rise from them. The water turquoise or green, looking more like the ocean water in the tropics than fresh water lakes in the North.

From Emerald Lake to the smallest desert in the world we were in awe at its beauty. We stopped to speak to a wonderful woman in an isolated Post Office post in the middle of nowhere on the shores of one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen. She was thrilled to have company as she couldn’t leave her home/post all day and only had her two dogs for company. We talked and shared a bit of what we’d felt about being in the Yukon, even for a very short time.

It really is a wondrous place. We could drive for an hour without seeing another vehicle or person. The peacefulness permeates your entire being. It hit me how in times of crazy schedules, running from meeting to meeting how the quiet was so welcome.

This opportunity fell into my lap. For a split second I listed in my mind all the reasons why I couldn’t take the time to come up here. I’m glad I didn’t listen and quickly dismissed it. If you ever have an opportunity that sparks your imagination, don’t even think of not jumping at it. It might never present itself again. And you might miss something you couldn’t even conjure up in your wildest dreams.

I mean where else would someone tell you to drive slowly because there’s probably moose wandering around? : )

Donna Karlin

Emerald Lake - Yukon

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