Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Coaching and Health Care

My goal….to bring the coaching model to health care so health care providers coach patients as well as treat them. Easy to implement? No. A win-win situation? Definitely…. which makes me wonder why it is so difficult to get a program like this going. One would think health care providers would jump at the chance for a model that has no downside. However that would entail them thinking outside the box and in a profession of ‘old school’ mentality when it comes to the dynamics of health care provider vs. patient or recipient, implementing this model might be a very long way off.

Benefits of coaching are evident. The increased effectiveness in the workplace, appreciative approach to staff and colleagues and reduced levels of stress in the workplace are well documented. Throughout the years, working with long term care patients I have personally seen the benefits of coaching patients through their challenges. What could be a better scenario than patients being more responsible for their well being, stretching beyond their comfort zone and accepting where they’re at in their lives without guilt or feeling sorry for themselves? And what could be better for the providers to know they are helping the patients have a better quality of life, no matter what the challenges?

I can’t see any downside, can you?

I would love your opinions on this.

Donna Karlin

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