Monday, August 29, 2005

You're Writing The Story of Your Life One Moment At A Time

Clients are overextended. They feel as if they need to be cloned. They are faced with demands for action on numerous priorities, are expected to deliver all in the same time frame and when pulled in all directions, the reaction is a given; mind-numbing stress.

The first step is to calm your mind enough to realise there is a solution. Once you approach the situation(s) from that perspective you can achieve that solution. However it’s getting one’s mind to the point of that comprehensibility that will lead to a time-saving advantage. Saving time gives time, increases effectiveness and facilitates freedom of mind clutter to accomplish even more.

Through my years of experience in coaching, the one theme that recurrs most often is the issue of time; lack of time to do focused work that creates results. A great deal of the time I’m called in to help my clients clarify just what it is they want to accomplish within the organization. Creating a strategy is only as good as the plan put in action to execute it. There is nothing more demoralizing than having this wonderful strategic plan and doing nothing with it or even more damaging, being expected to do it all at once. Execution of the plan is critical to its success. For that you need to choose fewer priorities and do them faster. Once those are off and running, you gauge the ripple effect and chances are your next three priorities will change and be redefined in some fashion. First step is to take a step. It’s a sequence of events. Everything cannot in any realm of possibility be done at the same time. That stymies growth.

There is something to be said about the old saying “One thing at a time”. In this faster paced world that might translate to two or three but never ten or twenty. When you find yourself tasking more than three priorities to your staff, stop yourself, take a look at that list and divvy it up. More than three aren’t priorities. They’re wish lists….stress triggers and a quick trip to hitting an organizational brick wall.

Start today on purpose.... on intention, not by chance.

Donna Karlin

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