Monday, August 01, 2005

Switching into Holiday Mode

Well it’s now Day 3 into my holiday week. It’s been jam packed with a trip to the cottage, skimming the water in a speed boat, lazing by the lake under a tree, walking, exploring our own city’s centre, browsing through the tiny shops of the market….a place nearby but one I rarely take the time to explore like a tourist. And I have discovered the neatest tucked away places along the way.

We drove to Ile Perrot, Quebec, West of Montreal for the best Smoked Meat sandwich known to man…at Smoke Meat Pete’s and then wandered through my ‘roots’….where I grew up, the schools I went to and the old haunts where we hang out as kids. It was a day of reminiscing, remembering and lots of laughter and sharing. I can hardly believe it had only been two days.

And now a day of rain helps us slow down a bit and take in a movie, shop a bit and just be.

It’s taken me the 2 days to slow down to the speed of normal life, one I am not used to anymore. I live in a fast paced world of corporate and political intensity, where I might finish with one client by day and still have sessions with 2 afterwards. Much of the time the work starts when I leave my client’s office as I have to process it all, see trends, where they’re heading and present it back to them so they have a broader picture of their life as it is right now.

The mind is always going and is harder to slow down than the body. So even as I lazed by the water to unwind, it was much harder to do the same with my mind.

One of my friends looked at me and said “You need 2 weeks. One isn’t enough for you”. He may be right but adding on a weekend at the end, just might be perfect. This is already a stretch for me. However, if I like it….it just may become a trend : ) If I just didn't love what I do so much..... (that blog is coming up soon)

Sometimes making the decision to take the time off is the hardest of all. But you know what? The crazy and wonderful world of work as I know it will still be there when I get back next Monday morning.

In the meantime, I wish you a wonder-filled week.
Donna Karlin

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