Sunday, March 05, 2006

Helping Others Evolve into their Level of Excellence

Leadership….it’s been talked about, defined, studied and has become the buzz word for many organizations. I can’t ever remember having had so many conversations about any one topic than this one.

I’ve been asked “Can it be taught?” “How does one define leadership so we can learn and emulate it?”

Can anyone ever emulate someone else’s style? Perhaps in some ways, but isn’t leadership a part of an individual’s personality? I look for that and wrap words around what I see when I shadow coach my clients and I can honestly say that no two people are alike in their styles of leadership. Why? Because it’s who they are more than what they do. As obvious as their style of leadership is, in another it’s subtle. Something about that individual inspires others to take notice, listen and learn from them. It’s not something that’s taught in a textbook. And even though I can discuss the “Leadership Proficiencies” my group created, all it does is give me a vehicle with which to begin the conversation.

Under the surface, where the key dynamics of a personality lie is the person that builds pieces of our world as we know it, one who dreams and translates that dream into a vision we can all wrap our heads around. Those leaders are risk takers because to not go after their dreams isn’t even a remote possibility. Their energy, passion is a never-ending spring that never dries up, as with each person who comes on board and wants to ‘live it too’ that passion continues to feed the human spirit.

That’s who a leader is. It’s not what they do as much as what they live, breath, talk about and make happen. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Leaders, by virtue of who they are, help others evolve into their level of excellence, and make them feel they did it all on their own.

Donna Karlin

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