Sunday, March 26, 2006

Watching Politics Unfold

The end of March is nearing and soon the House will be back in session. I look forward to watching the interactions, dynamics and style of leadership the new government will bring to Canada. I love my work….have to remain apolitical, especially in a time of constant political change. I cannot be of service to political and government leaders if I presume to coach them on their politics. If I wanted to be a political advisor, I would have embraced that profession. However I am a coach and need to remove all filters from my work so I coach my clients based on their choices, not mine.

I can’t unconditionally support a political leader if I’m constantly criticizing their political slant. In removing all filters, I can serve them to the best of my ability. Another myth I would like to put on the table is that my clients do not need to be ‘fixed’. They don’t need someone to help them learn how to do their jobs; these are extraordinary people who want to be even better. They want to serve the citizens of their countries in the best possible way and if that means learning how to respond rather than react, be more effective, and eliminate any roadblocks to energy drains and flow, then I commend them for opening their eyes to the fact every one of us can be better at what we do….can be masterful in our areas of expertise and recognise the fact we don’t know all there is to know and can always learn and grow.

If I can help them communicate more effectively, utilize their staff better, become aware of what they’re not currently aware of, hone their skills and recognise talents, then we all grow in the process. We move from inter-developmental to, what Thomas Leonard used to say ‘Inter-magical’. We do what we do for the absolute joy of it, development being a byproduct of that joy and energy. And wouldn’t we all want corporate, political and bureaucratic leaders to be open, aware, energised and enthused while they continually learn and grow in the process?

I know I do!

I also know that as a new regime makes itself at home in the House, I’m looking forward to the possibilities.

Instead of continually picking apart and knocking down our leaders, instead ask yourself “How can I help?” What’s good that can be even better? How do we monopolize and build on strengths so we create models, concepts and ways of being anyone would give their eye teeth to emulate?

Donna Karlin

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