Tuesday, October 10, 2006

People Are Their Own Magic Wand

Years ago I created a mini program about people, and about you.....and my friend Steve Harper unknowingly (well until now : ) reminded me about it. It was a compilation of so many perspectives about people, how they think, look at themselves, respond to the world and create their place in the world. I had forgotten all about it but once I read Steve's words of wisdom in our ExecuBooksBlog.com, I decided to unearth it and give it another look. It's time to start distributing it to those who want to look at their place in life and perhaps do something to change what's not working.

One line that resonated was "People fail to see that they are the magic wand they wait and wish for."

Why look for a magic wand when you are one? People become who they might be when they let go of who they are. If you're so busy holding on to what is....you'll never know what's possible!

Donna Karlin

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