Sunday, April 08, 2007

Interviews Go Both Ways

This morning I came across an interesting blog from the Chief Happiness Officer (yep it's true. Would I make something like that up?) The post was fantastic as it doesn't talk about all the things you have to prepare for when going on a job interview. It has to do with what questions you should ask of the potential employer and present staff before even considering going to work for the organization.

In it he says "What you really need to know now is, “Is this a nice place to work?” Are people happy at work here? Are the managers good? Are the co-workers nice? Or is this company a branch office of one of the nastier levels of hell?" Good questions, don't you think? For the rest of this excellent pre-moving-to-a-new-job thought provoker go to his post "Some Killer Questions to Ask In Your Next Job Interview"

Question: Going back to the old days of Fast Company Magazine where they used to have all kinds of fascinating information printed around the perimeter of the pages, job titles of the future and all those wonderful additional things that made me look forward to the unexpected in every issue, if you could rename your title, what would it be?

If you want a head start and some ideas, here's the link from the magazine which lists some of their job titles of the future

Donna Karlin

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