Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's All About Words

While reading a favourite blog this morning, Problogger, I came across one of the posts "Blogging is About Writing" that talks about basics. In it he states "The web is about words. No matter how visual and audible it becomes, it continues to be about the words."

Those who are visual like diagrams but even then it's about words or languaging as it's called now. We can evolve or demolish with words, as I mentioned in my last post. One of the most powerful tools I use with clients is 'evolutionary progressions' or a stream of words that literally evolves them beyond their current way of thinking and being.

In my post this week on Fast Company Experts I talk about upgrading your personal operating system. One of the first things to update is language. Ways of communicating, instructing, dialoguing. Making demands of others will no longer work. Capturing their imagination and helping others feel they're a part of the success of any organization is the best way to bring everyone forward. Blogging might be about writing, and I learn that with every post. It all comes down to words whether in blogs, conversations, strategic direction...relationships of any kind.

Donna Karlin

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