Saturday, April 10, 2010

Powerful or just busy?

You can…

  • Wade through emails and be thrilled when the number in your inbox is diminishing
  • Answer the phone every time it rings, just because it rings
  • Cross off the L O N G to do list which was generated for whatever reason, without considering whether everything on there is important or not
  • Fulfill an obligation even though neither of you might benefitting from it
  • Try to anticipate roadblocks and build in safe guards "just in case", often creating them in the process
  • Aim for "good enought to pass"
Or, you can...
  • Create a team or community of practice / interest where you can collectively bring your best to the table to pack a punch
  • Instead of wading through a to-do list, ask yourself "What do I absolutely have to do?" and "What do I absolutely have to NOT do?"
  • Give value just because (in other words, for no specific reason at all)
  • Open yours (and other's) minds to possibility rather than worrying about potential pitfalls and problems
  • Define excellence rather than a passing grade or mediocrity
  • Give up worry and replace it with focus and action
Your choice....or not


Phil said...


As I instruct leadership seminars I ask how do you handle the cell phone? I find responses interesting. What I have found the more powerful the person, the less tied they are to a cell phone. They don't jump at every ring. The do not face-to-face conversations with others. The powerful keep control of their lives. If the phone drives you, then who really has the power?

I now leave my phone on vibrate. That way it never interrupts a conversation, but I can know when someone is trying to get my attention. I can check later. If I feel it vibrate again (leaving a message) I usually check as soon as possible. If someone really wants to speak with you they will leave a message.

How we use phones, laptops, and I-phones really are keys to how we are used by others...or how we have control of our lives.


Donna Karlin said...

How do I handle my cell phone? I use a BlackBerry. My clients know not to call me as I'm a Shadow Coach and my phone will always be on quiet. When I'm working with anyone, client, colleague, student, whomever, I am 100% present to them. They appreciate it and realize that if I don't answer immediately and get back to them, I am extending the same courtesy I give them.

Most know to email me as I can get back to them much quicker on my Berry than on a call. I use my cell phone when necessary, making arrangements off site, in crisis situations. And d'you know what? If you would poll my clients they will tell you I am the most present, available person while being the busiest person, they know.

Cell phones, iPhones, BlackBerries are technology tools and not our bosses. How we use them, how we respect ourselves and others in relation to them is where we have a choice. Thanks for your perspective!