Monday, April 19, 2010

Tech Toys

OK, I admit it...I love technology. It brings the world closer, makes it easier for me to be able to read in the in-between times, has lightened my briefcase considerably when I travel and allows me to connect with, talk with and stay in touch with those who are important to me. 

I'm constantly asked about the technology I use, how it benefits me and what I recommend.

And before you ask the question "Are you addicted?"  I do know where the off switch is on my Blackberry and use it.  I don't talk on the Berry when in restaurants as I want to be 'present' to whoever I'm with, don't glance at it in concerts or theatres and don't wake up in the middle of the night and sneak a peak at my email.

I do, however keep in touch with family, friends and past clients on Facebook,  many of whom I wouldn't have stayed in contact with any other way.  I use LinkedIn to connect with potential collaborators and clients, let my professional world know what I'm up to and cross post, so what I write here will automatically be tweeted, sent to my LinkedIn and Facebook professional page, different networks, one post.  I don't Tweet everything I do at every moment of the day nor do I follow the world as if I spend any time on Twitter it will be to read something valuable to me.

I discovered which makes scheduling for personal and professional life a breeze (not to mention choosing a restaurant, menu choice or colour), for my online scheduler, can't imagine my world without iTunes and my Kindle world so I have music and books with me wherever I go and my trusty little netbook which tucks into my purse and brings a myriad of eBooks, documents and graphics with me as I run to clients, in and out of airports and hotels on my travels and keeps me connected via Skype so I can call home, work, friends all for a song.

And watch out 'cause as an avid writer and one who loves to play with logos, I cannot WAIT for this!  Courier journal

In my opinion there is nothing like face to face connection but when it isn't possible, I know I can bring a piece of the world with me, one tech toy at a time.

Now off to download a couple of books to read on the go.  Any suggestions?

Donna Karlin

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Wynn Anne said...

Book suggestions (if you haven't already read them):
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Isabel's Daughter
Child of a Rainless Year
The Brick Road
Into the Forest