Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Telecommuting Keeps You Balanced

Well this is refreshing. Data actually supporting telecommuting from a individual perspective.

ScienceDaily (June 2, 2010)Not surprising: Telecommuters balance work and family life better than office workers.  Surprising: They can maintain that balance even while sometimes squeezing in a couple extra days' worth of work each week. Read on...

We won't go into the challenges to the organization at the moment. Stay tuned for that. Data supports that telecommuters have a better (OK for the record I really don't like this term but will use it here) work / life balance, enables telecommuters to have fuller lives, be more productive and, of course increases the big H or happiness factor. What a concept!

So if people are happier, more productive and you have reasons as long as your arm as to why telecommuting is detrimental to an organization's effectiveness, time to get over it. You just might have to redesign how the organization is structured to support all these happy, productive people. Rather than figure out all the reasons you're going to come up with (and write me about) why it doesn't work, how about figure out how it can and let us know? Let's face it, unhappy people leave an organization. Happy people want to stay and be successful. A building filled with stressed, 'unbalanced' people doesn't sound effective in my book. It might be easier for managers to keep their thumbs on staff and monitor their every 5 minute break  but is that the kind of organization you want to be working in?


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Novan (spiritual therapist, California) said...

Nothing beats telecommuting...been doing it for 3 years now and can't go back..