Tuesday, June 10, 2003


My quote that seems to have made its way around the Internet world was this "True leaders are those who lead by example rather than by intimidation. The whole point of leadership is having power WITH people --- not lording it over them."

This is an example of what happens when people look for internal satisfaction rather than external affirmation. Everyone has leadership capabilities, and a true leader is one who encourages others to discover and utilize their talents. Many of those I work with do exactly that. Their job titles range from CEO to assistant, but my advice remains the same: If you can successfully find balance in your life, you are on the road to becoming a leader. If you define yourself by your whole person and not just by your job description, you are more apt to make a difference. CEOs, and presidents are first and foremost people. Whether or not they are true leaders remains up to them.

Donna Karlin,

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