Sunday, June 15, 2003

Merging Past and Present

The other night I was sitting in the National Arts Centre listening to the exquisite music being played by the orchestra, while at the same time watching old friends on stage, totally immersed in their playing, focused on doing the best performance they could and came to realization that this is team work at its best....getting past emotions, egos and individual likes and dislikes to produce the best possible results.

It's not about the individual and how incredible a performer they might be in their own's about getting beyond the self, the artistic temperament...putting it all aside to create something more than themselves.

For me, that was merging what I call my "past life" and present one.....taking skills I learned as a concert musician way back when and using them in my work as an Executive Coach, building teams that work as one. When we apply that same concept to the workplace, just think of all the water cooler conversations that wouldn't happen, and detrimental gossip and tempers would be set aside to achieve goals by working towards a common vision and purpose. That's transcendence.....getting past 'it' and 'you'....and focusing on what would truly make a difference.

Now that's powerful.


Donna Karlin

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