Friday, June 06, 2003

What are You Tolerating?

How many things do you tolerate during the course of a day?

Behaviours, circumstances that drain you of energy. It's not a matter of 'picking your fights' it's a matter of choosing what environments will surround you....whether people or objects, if you can't look around and say 'I love you' to everything and everyone in your life, it's time to make prune your life of all that's toxic....and replace it with those that energize.

Tolerations will drain you dry of energy, giving you the feeling that somewhere along the way you've lost control of your life. And when you can turn around, look at everything in your environments, both at home and work, choose to spend your time with those who stimulate and energize you, and end up with a smile a mile wide, both inside and out, you know you're well on your way to that "toleration-free zone".

So what's your first step?

Donna Karlin

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