Thursday, August 07, 2003


"Sometimes, when people don't fit into an existing mold, it's because they belong to something larger than the present....something they will never find because they will someday build it for themselves and others."

That was a quote I picked up some time, somewhere, by an unknown author. It remained with me because it so perfectly describes who I am.

That's been my place for years.....'different'. In University, going into the music faculty set me apart from my high school friends. I was 'different'. And then, studying percussion as a female, especially in the early 70's, again made me 'different'. I never did quite fit into the mold, either with my peers or family.

And then due to life circumstances and challenges....when I took what life gave me and worked toward becoming a Trainer and then eventually Executive Coach, my career choice in a world which wasn't too familiar with Coaches outside of sports, again didn't fit into any mold.....especially when it came to how a Coach looks at and approaches life.

But you see, the thing is, it's not so much as looking at yourself as different. It's when it no longer matters. There's a joy, an energy in thinking "outside the box". By expanding my comfort zone there are far fewer problems, and instead, I look at life from a better perspective, with infinite possibilities. For me, at any rate, 'different' is the only place to be.

I never know what the next day will bring. I do know in some way it'll bring me a challenge I'm equal to....a great learning experience, the interaction of wonderful people and new things....experiences and tidbits of knowledge..... to store away for another time. This is what will strengthen my future. I plan to invent mine, not just let it happen.


Donna Karlin

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