Friday, August 01, 2003

Three Powerful Words

...words they've made movies about. Words spoken out loud when you sit down at your computer and eagerly log on to hear 'You've Got Mail". Bet you thought they were going to be three different words : ) Actually, for many, they're almost one and the same. Many of us have separate e-mail accounts for work and personal use (and if you don't, you should, because they're different priorities, and I'll leave it up to you to figure out which I think is most important). Every day as I wade through my 200 or so work related e-mails that come throughout the day, it's the personal ones I can't wait to get to....when it's quiet and I can read through them leisurely and respond the way I want to. There's something about turning the computer on, anticipating whether or not that gem will be waiting for to give you an inner smile that just won't go away.

Last month, when there was a threat of a mail strike and I watched some of my clients scramble to get every possible contingency plan ready, the first thing that occurred to me was "I wouldn't be able to send out that birthday card".....and "they'll never get it on time if there is a strike!" Oh there are incredibly beautiful e-cards that one can send and I love using those as well, but nothing compares going to your mail box and seeing a hand-written address in that special envelope knowing that someone took the time, where time is so precious these days, to go pick a card that speaks the words that are in your mind, whether birthday or a 'just because' or, never mind a card, a know, one of those old fashioned kind of letters where you take pen to paper, using special stationery to touch someone in some way....

OK....I was found out. I'm a romantic. So no mail strike and the cards are on their way. And maybe I'll send a letter or two....the old fashioned kind that will slow my mind down, and the rest of me least for a short time.

I just wish I could be there on the other end when they're opened, just to see the smile.


Donna Karlin

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