Sunday, June 13, 2004

Insights from Norwich, Norfolk, England

It's Sunday....the day I usually write my blog. Alberto is leaving for Mexico tomorrow and I'm able to post with his computer from Norwich. I've had many insights watching my son and his roommates as they wrap up the year away from their homes and get ready to sadly say goodbye. Some, like Michael will be continuing on for their Ph.D's and others will head back to their countries. A poignant time for them all.

Through the years I've met brilliant people.....those who make a difference in their areas of expertise. I've seen surgeons create miracles for their patients, my son included. I sit back and applaud my brother as he continually works and researches to create better ways to treat patients. There are artists who touch you through their work, composers who touch you through melody and song and books that stimulate imagination, creating pictures with words. What makes all the difference is when someone so unexpected comes into your life for no known or expected reason and touches you in a way you've never been touched before. And because they've unlocked your soul and fed your spirit you can, only then, fully appreciate their magic and let them permeate your being to enrich your life immeasurably.

The ultimate gift....

Something happens in a unique and personal way between the two of you where you finally come to know what your lives are meant to mean. It transforms us into a total person, all facets of life coming together as one. Finally it all makes sense and even if it doesn't, it no longer matters.

It just is.

You can learn life, your life, through anyone, whether teacher, child, who has never been schooled to a Ph.D. That person can create a world with words or speak wordlessly through a look. There are few who can truly teach in life and many teachers who don't look at themselves that way. To me, a teacher is one who has heard life by watching, growing and seeing what it's right in front of their noses. I believe the best thing anyone can learn is to pay attention enough to trust their life. And through our teacher we can learn the priceless gift of wisdom to live well and celebrate the joy, laughter and ability to embrace life and all that should mean.

Our best teacher is one who sees the best in us in spite of us, makes us aware of whatever that is and encourages us to soar. Who is your best teacher and have you ever shared that with him/her? How will they know the myriad of ways they've changed your world by seeing yours clearly and how will they know if you've never told them?

Donna Karlin

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