Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Next Five Decades.....

Yesterday marked the beginning of my next 50 years (or so I’m aiming for) of life. I don’t plan to grow up any time soon and as a friend of mine responded (with a smile) to when I said “I have no intentions of growing up any time soon” with “Donna I’ve been friends with you for 43 years and believe me when I tell you that I gave up on those expectations a LONG time ago!”

I realise that my attitude is what keeps me young at heart. As many of us do when we hit a special birthday or milestone in life I thought back on what was and created intentions for what will be…

In the Attraction Program ™ we work on attracting to our life everything that we want with the absence of what we don’t. The distinction there is absence vs. freedom of what we don’t want. With freedom the meaning is that it’s there and we need to get rid of it whereas absence of means it isn’t there in the first place. My intention is to attract to my life exactly what it is I want to such an extent that there will be an absence of everything I don’t. My first intention being not wasting a day I’m gifted with. Even if it’s spent in solitude or rest, it’s being aware of time, my surroundings and everything extraordinary that happens in an ordinary day.

That goes for relationships, to spend my time with those who energise me and accept me exactly the way I am and to not throw away time on those who suck me dry of energy and are takers. To share what I feel, who I am without filters or conditions and give of myself because I want to, not because I have to. To let go of expectations and be wonderfully surprised instead. When I’m upset to share it and when I’m overjoyed to share that too. To always strive to learn and teach what I’ve learned, for when I stop learning is when I stop living.

I decided the next fifty years are for me…..a celebration of sorts. It’s not being selfish and putting myself first to the exclusion of everyone else, but to nourish who I am to such an extent that I have more to give others as well. Or to put it another way, not putting myself last. And in each role as mother, daughter, teacher, student, friend, partner, I will give what I can.

I didn’t blow out any candles last night. I spent it in conversation with my son and contemplation for what it is I want for my future. The celebrations will continue with friends later on in the week. I wanted some quiet time to process my thoughts first. And only when a few days pass will I make that wish and blow out the candles, asking the universe or powers that be to sit up, listen and take notice.

And then time will tell : ) I’ll keep you posted.

In the meanwhile, I thank all who remembered and helped mark the occasion. I am so blessed with family and friends and am especially grateful to them for taking the time and the warmth of thought to share wonderful wishes for me……with me. For me that’s one of life’s best gifts.

It’s quite magical.

Donna Karlin

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