Sunday, June 20, 2004

What Do You Love?

Recently someone asked me this question. I immediately had an answer and then realised it went deeper than the obvious. I wonder what it would be like to ask that question in a group setting.... or to a significant other, partner, child, parent… her the myriad of answers from all perspectives. It’s more than just the question. It’s the feelings the answers evoke, reminding me of everything that’s wonderful in my world…..that of which I have control and much of which has nothing whatsoever to do with me or who I am. I would love to hear your responses and how they made you feel when you recalled them.

I’ll start off with a few of mine…..

The sky when it’s streaked with colour at dusk or dawn
The sound of true laughter
A smile that lights up someone’s whole being
The smell of cinnamon
Golden Retrievers (they smile, have you noticed?)
Unconditional acceptance without judgment
Music, of course : )
Open, stimulating conversation
Learning something new
The ocean….its power, beauty and peace
A sun-filled day
An amazing book

Care to add yours?

As the list ever grows…..I wish you the best…..
Donna Karlin

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