Friday, January 14, 2005

The Power to Move Beyond

Recently I wrote an eBook called The Power to Decide. It’s short, sweet, to the point and goes over basic choices one can make in a chaotic day in order to take back control. Some are looking for a L O N G manual, however the smallest changes can bring the greatest results as long as you consciously decide to make them, RIGHT NOW. Wishing for change, doesn’t do it. It’s also very powerful to move beyond what was. Those who live in the past, and relive and rehash all the bad stuff, find themselves stuck for an eternity.

"As difficult as it seems, you can be sure of this: At the core of the heart, you have the power to move beyond the old issues that are still hindering your freedom. The hardest things—the ones that push you up against your limits—are the very things you need to address to make a quantum leap into a fresh inner and outer life" - Doc Childre and Howard Martin

I love watching as clients move past old issues and look to the future while in the present. I know….complicated, but I’ll get back to that in a moment. In organizations where forgetting ‘what was’ is a difficult thing to do as history often gets in the way, it’s a huge leap towards change. When I work with clients and watch it happening, there is no doubt in my mind they’ve made a conscious decision to get past old issues and look forward.

When a client expects miracles from me, I remind them it’s not when I decide there should be change, it’s when he sees a need for and value to changing what isn’t working at that time. Timing is everything. It doesn’t mean he’s not open to the concept of change, just that he doesn’t see urgency for it.

Few change for the sake of the fun of it, as for most, change is difficult if not overwhelming. A new paradigm; we no longer talk about change, rather we discuss reinventing ourselves by choice. It’s a matter of choose our ways of being, learning, processing events, experiences and emotions and creating or inventing our lives as we want it, not as we know it to be.

Our mind is a very powerful tool. How we believe, what we do with those beliefs is what dictates our ways of being. To get back to the present, by making conscious choices right now, the future falls into place. Living in the future or, as I call it the “what might be one day if everything goes according to plans” mentality, rarely works. In being present, learning, growing, attracting to your life exactly what you want, your future will unfold the way you’ve created it, right now.

Learn from the past, don’t live in it.

Donna Karlin

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