Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Stopped by Success

An Executive Coach’s dilemma: Working with clients to help them grow, lead and succeed and as the lightbulbs go off, as they have these major ‘ahhas!” their growth stops dead. Go figure. It happens more than you might think.

A Masterful Coach needs to be able to keep the client on a forward motion so the newfound awarenesses and successes don’t become stumbling blocks. Many are so amazed at how much they’ve changed and grown that they figure that’s all there is. Not so. It’s just one step of many through the process of growth and evolving into a life of their choosing. In order for them to become that person, attracting to their lives exactly what it is they want, they need to take these victories in their stride, congratulate themselves for the milestones certainly but realise it’s a vehicle or part of their journey, not a destination.

Is there ever a destination in evolving through life? A question to debate, though, from personal experience, there are a few plateaus here and there but when one always wants to learn and expand horizons, the evolutionary progressions are endless. It’s exciting and, for some, scary at the same time. Once you look at the process as building blocks instead of consistent change then life becomes fun. When a person grows exponentially and constantly expands and advances through change they adopt these newfound awarenesses, skills and strengths into creating a life they love.

It’s time for a paradigm shift. Instead of change, evolve. And rather than eliminate what it is you no longer want in life, choose what you do want. Attract the environments, people, skills, knowledge and attitudes that nurture you and you’ll have all the foundation you need to emerge into the person you’ve always wanted to be….known you could be.

This creates mega-shifts in beliefs, yes. Something to work on with your Coach and if you’re lucky enough to work with a Shadow Coach™ (OK so I’m biased : ) then together you’ll reinvent and enjoy every moment of your day as all aspects of it will be of your choosing. Powerful.

Donna Karlin

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